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March 2016

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Speedy Sammy Rides

I’ve wanted to try the indoor go kart place in town called Veloce Indoor Speedway since they opened in August last year.  It’s right in Waukesha, in the old American TV and Appliance building off of I94 and Hwy. F.  And I thought who better to go with than my twin nieces and nephew.  Not only would we all have be a blast, I will now officially be the best uncle in the world.

The kids were mesmerized walking through the doors instantly seeing the racetracks and karts in motion.  (Okay, I may have been too).  The space was big, bright and had an exciting vibe.  After checking out the place, we needed to register at an iPad station, putting in our names and addresses.  We even got to name our racer selves, the kids named me Speedy Sammy, which I was then referred to by the Veloce staff.  Once registration and waivers were taken care of we could enter the racetrack to check it all out and get ready to ride.

There were two tracks to race on, one is more for speed and one has more sweeping turns, both looked like a ton of fun!  We chose the more kid-friendly curvy one.  Small kids and adults are never allowed to race on the same track, but my nieces and nephew are in middle school and were above the 48-inch requirement, so we could all race together.

We selected our helmets and waited for our names to be called.  And then it happened. “Speedy Sammy” was heard over the speakers and it was game on.  We were told which kart was ours, were strapped in, given instructions about safety, told what the different flags meant and promised 14 laps of pure excitement.  And then we were off!

You wouldn’t believe how well these karts handled the turns and how fast they went.  We were flying, laughing and competing to win.  Sadly, Speedy Sammy turned out to be not the speediest, but boy was it a great time.  At the end of the race, the pit kiosk had each racer’s race report, which detailed each of our laps by time, including our best lap, and showed an average lap time and RPM. The kids were still smiling from ear to ear hours after the race was done.

So if you’re looking for something different and exciting to experience, check out Veloce.  But do call or check their website first, they close for private events and corporate parties.  They don’t offer food service, but have vending machines for snacks and you can order food from nearby places and have it delivered if you’d like.  But whatever you do, bring your need for speed, your adrenalin and tell them Speedy Sammy sent you!

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