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February 2017

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Valentine’s Day Dining Options

According to a Google search, the origin of Valentine’s Day stems back to an ancient Roman festival circa 496 B.C., but the modern meaning is a day to celebrate the love you share with your significant other. Typical Valentine’s Day plans include flowers and a nice dinner out somewhere for just the two of you.

My fiancé and I have had the opportunity to celebrate a few Valentine’s Days together and always enjoy trying a new place. I am sharing with you some of my favorite places in the area to have a wonderful dinner for Valentine’s Day, or really any day. Remember, you don’t need it to be a special day to go out and celebrate–any day of the year works for that!

Many restaurants offer dinner specials for Valentine’s Day, but this post shares options that you can get any time of the year.

People’s Park is a fun, energetic restaurant in downtown Waukesha with two floors of seating. The bartenders make delectable martinis and cocktails to enjoy prior to dining. For your drinking pleasure, try the La Poire martini, delicious full of pear flavor. Though the dinner menu consists mainly of sandwiches, salads, and appetizers, the entrée options on the menu are excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I recommend the Frankie’s Garden Salad, because I’m a huge fan of goat cheese and they load it on. For an entree, I recommend the Tenderloin Filet done Park-Style. And save room for dessert, the ice cream sundae is perfect for sharing after dinner!

Thunder Bay Grille is located just off of I-94 in Pewaukee. This is a favorite place for my fiancé and I and we had a glutinous, but incredible dinner there. The menu is very expansive and even offers a massive salad bar on top of all the entrees. My fiancé and I both highly recommend the Seafood Fondue as an appetizer as it is the perfect combination of warm, melty cheese and large pieces of seafood. (An insider tip is to order two loaves of bread right away—so you won’t have to wait for a second one when (not if) you run out.) The fondue is a very generous portion, so if you order entrees as well, expect to take home leftovers.

Meiji Cuisine is located on the east edge of Waukesha and again just off the Interstate. The restaurant serves Asian cuisine including sushi, Chinese entrees, and hibachi. This is a must-go for my fiancé and I a few times a year. Though he isn’t crazy about sushi like I am, he has found his favorite dish on the menu and swears by it. I love their sushi and have tried quite a few different rolls when dining with friends. The presentation of all of the entrees is gorgeous. Though I haven’t tried hibachi yet, it seems to be very popular and Meiji even puts on a light show for large parties. The restaurant is quite large, so the wait won’t be too long, and I promise, it will be totally worth it!

225 So. Mia Famiglia is located in downtown Waukesha on South Street. You can’t go wrong with Italian dishes on Valentine’s Day. And what could be better than having fresh pasta in your dishes—I can’t think of much else! 225 So. prides itself on fresh, local ingredients and Italian dishes made just for you. Chef Thomas has also received an award from the National Celiac Foundation for gluten-free food service and many of the menu items can be prepared special for those with an allergy to gluten. I have had a wonderful experience every time I have dined and tried many dishes on the menu. The entrees are large enough to share and the bruschetta is a must order!

Image Courtesy of Magellan’s Facebook Page

Magellan’s is a staple in downtown Waukesha known for their large micro-brew selection and crazy pizzas. They have over forty pizzas on their menu with very fun names (the Hennifer Lopez taco pizza for example–sooooo good!) You can also build your own to get just what you want in a pizza. I stand by this statement and say they have the best pizza in Waukesha. Their crust and sauce make a great ‘za. And if you catch them on the right night, they have local bands playing in the bar.

You can’t go wrong with any of these great options that I have listed and if you are looking for something else, the Waukesha Pewaukee site has a categorized list for you to look through as well. I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day and have a great bite to eat at a local establishment. I’m not sure where my fiancé and I will venture to this year, but I know we will both leave with happy, full bellies.

Having lived her entire life in Waukesha Pewaukee, Sarah is definitely “in the know” when it comes to the newest places, hottest must-sees (and must-dos!), and best events throughout the area. When she’s not hitting the town with friends (and blogging about it), she enjoys browsing the local shops, cooking and boosting her wine knowledge, and running.

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